In Babe, The 52 Project

A New Year = A New Project

I confess, I did something silly. A parenting rookie error.

I told myself that Otto wouldn’t suffer from Second Child Syndrome. He won’t open his baby album years down the track and wonder where all the photos are while Poppy heaves through her pages, her every move documented for her first 12 months of life. But it’s already begun – he’s 11 weeks old and those fleeting first months have been immortalised in a just few lousy iPhone snaps. This really grates my cheese.

In an effort to combat further slippage, to promote regularity and just generally get my act together, I’ve decided to harness the enthusiasm and intentions that wash in on the new year tide and start a new 52 Week Project. I’m not going to dwell on the fits and spurts of previous attempts, but just simply start here, in the first week of January, and carry on as long as I can. One photo of each child, each week.

Poppy: Passed out in the living room following a solid morning of gift opening.
Otto: Happier spending time on his back after a very refluxy start to life.

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