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It’s Play Time

It’s almost 9.30pm and I told myself I would be in bed by 9 tonight, having managed only a couple of hours sleep last night between various wake-ups. I stood outside earlier, rocking Otto to sleep on the front porch and thinking about nodding off myself as the sun slowly crawled away. It was still nearly 30 degrees a couple of hours ago.

We’ve had some scorching days this week, so I’ve turned to the arts to keep a busy toddler entertained indoors. A well-stocked a box of supplies is stashed under Poppy’s bed and there’s nothing like a new sheet of stickers or some watercolours to kill half an hour – sometimes more if I let her strip off and paint her tummy and arms too.

Poppy: Never says no to painting and loves to make requests of Mum or Dad for pictures of her current favourite thing.
Otto: Making much more deliberate moves under the baby gym, including checking himself out in the mirror.

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