6 Week Veggie Report

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It’s been 6 and a bit weeks since we planted our vegetable seedlings and I needed to post an update on their progress. Need to because we’re really quite obsessed with our edible garden, and just look at these Before & Afters – the growth has me gobsmacked.

We’re not the first people to ever have a veggie patch, yes, but this is my first serious garden. It’s the Ikea Effect – if you make something with your own hands, you’re so much more impressed with it, you value it more. So every morning, Simon and I wander outside to see how much everything has grown. Simon performs semi-religious Seasol applications and I poke around between the leaves, looking for a new flower or cucumber stump.

I’ve finally paid attention to the flower-to-fruit life cycle and it excites me like the Christmas my sister and I found a doll’s house under the tree.

So here’s our bounty and my very amateur thoughts about our crops.


The one I’m most proud of. We have 2 Roma plants, a Big Red and a Cherry. I’m continually re-staking the cherry plant because it’s shooting stems off in every direction. They weren’t exactly seedings when we planted them, but they’ve really bulked up in foliage and are sprouting plenty of little green gems.

6 Week Vegetable Report
6 Week Vegetable Report


No issues here – cute little leaves down low and more mature, recognisably pointy leaves on top. Smells amazing and is going into pasta sauce, pesto and eventually my fave salad – tomato, mozarella and basil with crusty bread cubes.

6 Week Vegetable Report


My favourite herb and one I used to buy weekly and only use half of. Now we have two plants and I’m not using it fast enough. It looks like it’s going to seed sometimes but we keep breaking those stems off to prolong the inevitable.

6 Week Vegetable Report


A strange beast – we put in 6 seedlings and only 1 really took off. The others are catching up but my bet is this one will bear ears long before any of the others. No idea how tall they’ll get – we might have issues with the arched net.

6 Week Vegetable Report


Pictured is the Lebanese cucumber but we also have a Crystal Apple variety. The first has a wee little cuey but the second hasn’t had much luck yet. We thought it might be due to its shadier spot so have moved it to the other side of the bed (out from under tree shade) and it might be my imagination but it seems to be doing better already. I also looked up some more info and apparently if the fruit is struggling we can manually pollinate by getting the gentleman flowers nude and rubbing them on the lady flowers. *wink wink*

6 Week Vegetable Report


We’ve used a bit with salmon and cream cheese but otherwise it’s just quietly going bananas.

6 Week Vegetable Report


I took these photos a couple of days ago and there are twice as many flowers today. It’s supposed to keep bugs away and I haven’t seen any bugs so perhaps it’s doing its job!

6 Week Vegetable Report


They weren’t joking when they labelled it Perpetual Spinach. You can pull the big leaves off and two days later they’re back, ready for another salad. The plant that keeps on giving.

6 Week Vegetable Report

So that’s most of the veggies at the moment. What are you growing and how are they doing??

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  • Bambi

    And Kate! Did you know you can eat those beautiful Nasturtium flowers too? Pop them in a salad ?
    Beautiful, well written and entertaining blog!

    • Kate

      Yes! Quite peppery 🙂 Thanks so much Bambi x

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