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So we’re still sleeping in the dining room.

Of course we knew that any time frame we put on things would have to be extended a few times, especially on the first room or two. We’re also working with a very un-square room on all three dimensions so every wall needs to be packed out, levelled or completely reframed.

Bedroom Renovation - walls and ceilings

We initially thought we’d leave the bulkheads in (laziness, mainly) and install new wardrobes beneath them but the thought of all that wasted storage space got the better of me and we took them out. We can either have extra-tall doors on standard carcasses or get custom frames made up.

Simon has been adding to his Toy Tool Box and the recipro saw was perfect for the removal job. It’s an insane electrical knife that can cut through timber, nails, steel and no doubt bone. Together with his nail gun, there isn’t much we can’t pull apart or nail back together.

Certainly beats a hammer.

Bedroom Renovation - walls and ceilings

Simon handled the plasterboard sheets for the walls on his own while I turned my attention to the vegetable garden. He decided to lay them horizontally instead of vertically for a few reasons:

  • they are easier to handle on your own when used on their side
  • the wall frames are still a bit bowed and longer sheet lengths helps minimise this visually
  • the sheets are 1200mm wide which didn’t match the stud spacing, meaning one recessed edge would have to be cut off

When it came time to do the ceilings, we hired a sheet lifter for a day from Bunnings but it was due back before we even got to use it. When you’re doing things for the first time, there’s no point rushing through it – and certainly no point putting up ceiling sheets when we were still finding old nails in the joists. We knew we’d need to hire it again many times (with a whole house to get through eventually) and when Simon spied a sheet lifter for sale on Gumtree it was an easy decision to buy one and take our time ($160 once instead of $35 per day).

Bedroom Renovation - walls and ceilings

We’ve decided on LED down-lights in the bedrooms and the transformers and wiring for these was done before the ceilings went up. The holes were measured out and cut into the sheets as we went.

With all the sheets in place, the next phase is flushing the joints. We’re hoping to tackle it ourselves with a little help from YouTube and some step-by-step instructions. The joint tape and first layer of cement is on and drying so it’s just a matter of waiting until next weekend to get sanding!

Bedroom Renovation - walls and ceilings

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