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While we talking bedrooms, would you paint yours dark? I’m a big fan of light and bright, so when Simon suggested going moody with the bedroom walls, I took a bit of convincing.

I started pinning these sorts of images to my Bedroom Inspiration board, and soon realised it was only going to work if there was plenty of natural light to prevent a cave-like scenario. Luckily, our bedroom has a huge window which faces south, delivering constant and rather pleasant daylight (as opposed to direct sunlight that a north-facing window would receive).

The floors will have to be light, and the built-in robe doors, which will make up an entire wall, will also be light. The timber on the doors will add a different texture which I think keeps things from feeling too ‘flat’. Our cornice and skirting will be a crisp white.

All this is pretty abnormal for me, an avid lover of colour. Nearly all of the examples I collected used white or neutral bed linen but I’m going to sneak some colour in somewhere – perhaps a print or artwork if not a crazy quilt cover (I’ve been pinning those too).

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Krista Keltanen + Stadshem + Morten Holtum + Mikkel Vang + Stylizimo + West Elm

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