One Month & A Dream Pantry

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Yesterday marked one month until Settlement on our new home so I’m putting on my Organised Adult Face. Certain behaviours come with the Face, like emailing mortgage people and signing Stat Decs and getting quotes on new carpet. The first 30 days since we purchased have flown and Organised Adult Face only made a brief appearance on two occasions – when I booked the removalists and when we decided which wall to knock down first.

Simon and I have moved house 3 times together (not including the day he moved in with me) and probably 30+ times collectively – we should have this system down by now, right?

Dream Pantry // via This Is My Family

Image: EmersonMade Home Tour on Design*Sponge

One thing we have learned along the way is that it’s easier to get rid of things than move them. When I opened the pantry at breakfast time today all I saw were jars and packets and sachets of stuff that I will have to put in a box and unpack at the other end. I decided then and there on No More Buying and a lot more Using Up. First to go were 3 half-packets of lentils and barley, hiding halfway to Narnia at the back of the pantry.

That’s the thing about pantries – our current one is narrow and deep, perfect for stuffing full of things and then forgetting about most of them. In our new home, we get to design a new kitchen from scratch and I tell you what – it makes me happier than a spoonful of peanut butter in the middle of the night.


Images: Light Locations | Oh Happy Day

My dream pantry would be either walk-thru or walk-in, have wide, shallow shelves and a step-stool for accessing the upper storage areas. I’d be able to keep semi-useful appliances and big pots in there so they didn’t take up bench or drawer space. And judging by my Kitchen Pinterest board, it would need white subway tiles on the walls. I’d have to buy shares in a glass jar company but I’d be ok with that.

What are your pantry essentials?

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    We used to have a walk in pantry, growing up on the farm. But it was not a jot like those ones up there! I remember it being cold and dark! Love the one from Oh Happy Day 🙂

    • Kate

      Cold and dark was probably better for the food! If I can’t get a window there’ll be a skylight as a minimum 🙂

  • Lila

    We have a pullout pantry and some drawers in my baking zone that I use, makes it so much easier to keep it under control.

    • Kate

      That sounds very handy, Lila. You can never have too much storage, I think!

  • Reply

    Oh I’m in love with that tiled pantry Kate!!!

    Amber. x

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