Planting a Pittosporum Hedge

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Pittosporum Hedge

With the Simon in charge of progress on the bedrooms, I decided to tackle a few outdoor projects while the sun was shining and before Spring got properly settled in.

Thinking ahead, we want the outside to look as good as the inside as we make progress, so we have to give it a head start on growing. We’ve been keen on the idea of a hedge and the existing fence could certainly do with some covering-up.

I started by removing the existing plants – a few went into pots to be replanted elsewhere later and the others went into the green waste bin.

Pittosporum Hedge

Admittedly, I didn’t do a lot of research when it came to hedge plants. I knew of two options – the lilly pilly and the pittosporum. I made my second Bunnings trips for the day and chose the pittosporum “Green Pillar” for two reasons – its bright green, shiny leaves and the availability of enough plants. I needed 14 for my 9m hedge and there they were, waiting for me in the nursery.

Back home again, I prepared the soil by digging through some organic compost from our local Sand & Soil supplier. A third trip to Bunnings was required to buy a pick and break up some lumps of roots (roses?) I found lurking below the surface. Note to self – think more about what you might need for a job before you start it. I don’t need the staff at Bunnings learning my name just yet.

Pittosporum Hedge

A watering system was already in place so once the dirt was ready all that was left was to get them in the ground. I used an off-cut of timber stud Simon has discarded on the porch as a spacer and lined up the pots, dug the holes, and planted our hedge.

I turned on the watering system and sat on the edge of the porch, cider in hand, while I admired my work. The neighbours gave their nod of admiration too, secretly jealous of my tufts of hedge and the potential for greatness that lies within.

Pittosporum Hedge

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  • Kat

    Hello, do you have an update on your hedge? It looked old great!

    • Kate

      Hi Kat – it’s growing superbly 18 months on. I’ll get an update post up for you shortly detailing how we’ve been looking after it too 🙂

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