Reno Advent Day 2: Planning & Storage

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With the Christmas Tree up and motivation levels at a 3-month high, it was time to get cracking on the next task.

We looked at the calendar and began by adding the major projects – installing the bifold door, demolition of the back room and closing down our rented office. Smaller jobs to happen before and after the bigger ones could then be scheduled. We’re going to need a temporary home for the things store in the back room and the office until our home studios are built and a skip bin delivered at just the right time for everything to be purged. And there is plenty to purge, as illustrated by this photo of STUFF.


So on Day 2 of our renovation advent calendar I booked some cheap storage in the outer ‘burbs and a skip bins from our regular guy. Pretty sure we should have a loyalty discount with them by now…

Obviously one of my upcoming jobs will be to sort through the stuff in this room but for now we have a pantry to prep and install so it’s onto Day 3 we go!

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