Reno Advent Day 3 & 4: The Pantry

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Kitchen Pantry

Ever since I began using Pinterest to plan my dream kitchen, a walk-in pantry was high on my list of desirable features. When we began sketching out our ideas for the kitchen layout, it became pretty clear that a walk-IN wouldn’t work but a walk-THROUGH was a possibility.

This is the area in question and while what has been constructed is slightly different to the plan, I now have my walk-through pantry in place of the old hot water service and broom closet.


On Day 3 of our renovation advent, Simon went to pick up our flat pack cabinets and put them together outside while I painted the pine panelling. They’re the same high-gloss white that the kitchen drawers are finished in but we’re thinking about something other than timber for the bench top.

Day 4 was the installation of the cupboards. There is still the kick board at the bottom to attach and some Gyprock flushing to complete where the tiled wall on the left meets the pantry wall but it’s a whole lot better than dusty wire baskets where food storage is concerned.

Being a vertically challenged individual, I’ll need a step ladder to get to the appliances stored on the top shelf but the important things (like peanut butter) are within arm’s reach. A few finishing touches to go and we’ll be out of the kitchen and onto the rest of the house!

Kitchen Pantry

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