Reno Advent Day 5: Demolition

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One of the most significant changes we’re making to the floor plan of the existing house is to remove the sunroom and third bedroom at the back and connect the kitchen and living room to the backyard via a bi-fold door. At the moment they’re being used as a home office and store room but will eventually become a deck from which I can admire our veggie garden, monitor babe/dog interactions and host pizza oven parties.

Before we can install the door we need to remove the plaster on both sides of the wall, reframe it, and clear out the store room so there’s space to work. We’re also pondering how to get the huge new door into the house and unfortunately the only answer is to TAKE THE BACK WALL OF THE HOUSE OFF. That was always part of the grand plan but it’s now been shifted up the priority list.

This is the lucky wall being prepared to house said new door. When we moved in there was a built-in unit against it, acting as our bed head while we worked on the bedrooms. In May we marked the beginning of the living/kitchen reno stage by ripping it out.


After today’s effort it looks more like the second photo (“stuff” removal still pending) and next week Simon will tackle the framework before the door gets delivered. Already there is far more light streaming in (as you would expect after removing a wall) and we’re now one step closer to wood-fired pizza dinners out on the deck!


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