September Renovation Diary

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September was always going to be more about The Baby and less about the house.

My due date of September 4 came and went, with a few photos taken on the day to remember how big the bump was. Five days later, after a combination of massage, tea, baths and long walks, Poppy made her way into the world and took over life at Waratah Street.


All of our hard work to get the house ready for her arrival paid off. The heating was on, the kitchen ready for countless cups of tea and reheated leftovers, and the bathroom 90% there with all the essentials working perfectly (although we’re still brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink).

Here’s where we’re up to now:

In the bathoom

The last big piece of this puzzle is the basins for the vanity. We had originally ordered some but on arrival realised they were too big for mounting under the timber bench as planned, and set about finding replacements. We finally sourced the perfect pair and they’re sitting in their boxes, waiting to be installed. #storyofmylife

You can get by without bathroom sinks for a long while – washing hands and brushing teeth in the kitchen – but I can’t wait until that part is DONE and I can arrange the vanity as desired.

There is also plenty of finishing touches to complete – cutting in with the ceiling paint, bogging nail holes in the pine lining around the toilet, painting the doors and fitting proper latches, but we’ll get to that. Eventually.


Most of this month’s action happened in the front yard with the addition of a driveway turnout on the lawn. We’ve wanted off-street parking for two cars since we moved in, and this project was prioritised once Poppy arrived. Our skinny little driveway didn’t allow for easy access to the rear passenger side of the car for baby putting-in and getting-out so it was a case of sooner rather than later.

We chose an exposed aggregate concrete and will eventually replace the existing driveway with this too, but chose to lay only the new section at this time for two reasons – money (half the cost), and fear that a new driveway would be ruined during the demolition of the garage and construction of the extension next year.

So things look a little weird for now but it gets the job done. It took about 10 days from start to finish, and I’ll write up a separate post about the process soon.

October may not be full of activity either, but rather planning all the Things To Complete Before Christmas. And there are a lot of them!

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  • Christie

    I love this driveway this is what I want to do in our house!! Love your blog 🙂

    • Kate

      Thanks Christie! I’m going to prepare a more detailed post on the driveway in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out!

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