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October: Three things I baked and something I’ve come to realise this month (via Brit + Co).

Even with the Silly Season fast approaching, it would be hard to have a bigger month than October. After all, babies aren’t born every day in this household! There’s so much happening and I do struggle to take it all in and commit things to memory, so I’m taking a leaf from Pip‘s book and Taking Stock. I joined her Blog with Pip course this week and figured the best way to revive my blog was to get a post up. So here we are! Here’s what I’ve been up to in October.

Making: birth announcement cards for Otto – I use Momento Pro.
Cooking: our favourite banana bread.
Drinking: lots of water, sometimes the fizzy kind.
Reading: barely a page before I fall asleep. Of anything.
Trawling: furniture shops for a new couch.
Wanting: a little more sleep.
Looking: forward to warmer weather.
Deciding: to give things a go.
Wishing: for a fairy godmother to come tidy up my house.
Enjoying: the growing interest my toddler has in the newborn.
Waiting: for parcels in the post after midnight online purchases.
Liking: a biscuit with my cup of Lady Grey.
Wondering: why Otto spews up so much milk after a feed.
Loving: all the cute sentences that come out of Poppy.
Pondering: the benefits of Family Day Care over large Day Care Centres.
Listening: to Big Block Sing Song on repeat.
Considering: eggs on toast for dinner.
Buying: the first few Christmas presents, already.
Watching: the clock to time feeds and sleeps.
Hoping: I can maintain a bit of blogging mojo.
Marvelling: at the human body, with regards to pregnancy and child birth.
Cringing: when the latch isn’t quite right.
Needing: to brush my teeth more often.
Questioning: why I don’t brush my teeth
Smelling: dried milk.
Wearing: non-maternity clothing! Hooray!
Noticing: the little flower buds ready to bloom in our garden.
Knowing: that it’ll be Christmas before I know it.
Trouble-shooting: the juggle of two kids.
Thinking: about my next move in Words With Friends.
Admiring: tonight’s sunset.
Getting: through some life admin, finally.
Bookmarking: quick and easy dinner recipes – this chorizo paella is a new favourite.
Opening: yet another carton of milk.
Closing: yet another sippy cup of milk.
Feeling: well-supported during these early days.
Dreaming: of lazy summer holidays.
Hearing: birds when they wake up, in the dark.
Celebrating: with half a glass of French bubbles.
Pretending: I know anything about ballet for my twirling girl.
Embracing: life as a family of four.

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  • pip

    Oh hello! Look at your gorgeous faces! Welcome to Taking Stock and welcome to Blog With Pip! It was a delight to read this!

  • EDIE

    Yay, you made a whole baby!!!! xx

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